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In loving memory of

Colvin Peina
January 15, 1967 - September 6, 2005

Colvin Peina and I met about 15 years ago at Zuni, NM, at his grandmother's house.  This was after I had purchased the lovely corn maiden ivory fetish carving (below, left) at the Pueblo Trading Post on the Zuni Reservation. A year before, over a lunch at The Apple Tree Restaurant in Taos, the Smiths from Texas taught me always to seek out the artists and visit them at their home. And I did. Before we parted, I asked Colvin to make a corn maiden necklace for me.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the small package and out tumbled this turquoise and antler necklace (below, right). Fortunately, I had the opportunity to entertain him in my Topeka home (center picture). On our tour of this city, he and his father adored the trees, the flowers, and the green grass.  Luckily, my relationship with Colvin and his wonderful family has continued to grow over these years.

Colvin inspired and encouraged all of his brothers and sisters to develop their artisitic abilities in traditional and contemporary Zuni crafts. When I decided to start my own jewelry business featuring Native American jewelry, I named it The Corn Maiden in tribute to his fetish carvings.

Colvin is survived by his four children, his father, Ernest Peina, his mother, Tina Gasper, his sisters, Claudia Peina, Charlene, JoAnn, Mandy, and Claudine, and his brothers, Gabe Sice and Troy Sice.